Heliostat ->> Hands down the cheapest way to gather the suns energy

Hands down the cheapest way to gather the suns energy

How Much Energy is There?

Does the Sun deliver enough energy for solar power to work?
The sun delivers about 1kilowatt of power per square meter. Once this is converted to electricity there is about 100 to 150watts of power.Thats only 10% to 15% of what we started with. So we need to gather this sunlight as efficient as possible.

Below you will find a chart to show how much solar radiation the US receives. Also how much electricity per year per meter can be generated.

This chart is showing the Daily solar radiation received by a two-axis tracking flat panel

 This chart is measuring kWh/m²/day. So for New Jersey, where I live the daily energy for the sun is about 6kWh/m²/day. Unfortunately this chart is total solar radiation, I need what is known as Direct Beam Solar Radiation, which is only 3.8 kWh/m²/day.

Go to link for a complete list.


1,387kW is the total energy that is received for one year, for a one meter heliostat in NJ.

3.8 kWh/m²/day * 365 day = 1,387kWatts

If you could take this 1,387kW and convert it straight to the electrical energy it would power your house for two months.